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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 4, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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sign reading i can't breathe a direct reference to the choke hold garnered suffered at the hand of the police officers. >> it supports our decision to stand up a and try to make a change. >> reporter: campus rally comes one day after hundreds marched through the center city streets, on what was supposed to be a night to celebrate the the christmas tree lighting. >> i think it is very important message to realize that we matter, that it is time to wake up. >> reporter: protester tells "eyewitness news" that they will continue until theye national changes. >> people are not going to be quiet anymore. different another a we need to treat it like a different era. >> reporter: again we are told that another demonstration will happen behind me about 6:30 tonight. we are live from north philadelphia, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thanks very much. civil rights leaders across the country are also decrying the decision of the grand injury any new york to not bring charges in the choke hold death of eric garner. cbs reporter marley hall tells us law enforcement in the big apple is now bracing for more
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protests. >> reporter: this morning a small christmas tree was added to the eric garner in memorial at the site where police officer daniel pantleo put him in a apparent choke hold. >> we need justice somebody needs to pay. >> reporter: garner's wife and moth's period on cbs this morning saying they are devastated a grand jury decided not to charge pantleo. the incident was reported on cell phone video, garner can be heard saying that he could not breathe. >> i can't breathe. >> reporter: garner's has words were a rallying cry of protest as cross the country yesterday, reverend al sharpton joined other civil rights leaders a at a summit here if harlem today. they are planning a national march december 13th, in washington d.c. >> we have been going through a series of events that will lead, to how we reduce the grand jury review of police nothing this country. >> reporter: union that represents new york city police officers say that pantleo did everything by the
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book when he brought down garner. >> we're talking about a police office shore lives in the city, does what he was trained to do, literally an eagle scout, he is the model of what we want a police officer to be. >> reporter: officer pantleo released a statement expressing re morse for garner's death and did he not mean to hurt him. marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> police officer could still face federal civil rights charges. he was subject of at least two prior complaints, one of those lawsuits is still pending. the first was settled earlier this year. right now authorities are investigating a suspicious fire that tore through a police detective's home in lower pottsgrove township montgomery county. neighbors on common drive are helping the the the officer and his family who lost everything just before the holidays. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is live at the scene with details tonight, walt. >> reporter: montgomery county district attorney just minutes ago announced that the fire that burned detective ernie morris and his family out of their home here in lower
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pottsgrove in fact is suspicious. raising the possibility that someone may have deliberately it the flames but for now if this does turnout to be arson the the reason why remains a mystery. flames destroyed the home where limerick township police detective gene morris lived with his wife and two teenage daughters. the detectives, personally taking time to thank each fire fighter, who tried so hard to save his house. >> the flames were pretty much all they could see until they started dousing it with water and then with all of the smoke and coming over this way. i can feel the heat from my porch. >> reporter: investigators searched carefully to determine the cause of the fire which sources say was considered potentially suspicious. >> it is still being investigated, is there no answers to what happened. >> it was shocking when i saw their house and even around the back it is bad f they weren't in there they wouldn't be around anymore. >> reporter: detective and his family were vacationing in florida when the fire broke out. decorations still on a light
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post in the front yard, a reminder of a holiday season, now darkened by fiery devastation. >> we're having a grand old time on vacation with their family and ten they get this kind of call and have to cut it short and come home and see this right before the holidays. it is devastating. there is no words to describe it. >> reporter: it is devastating, neighbors here in lower pottsgrove who know the detective and his family already rallying, preparing fundraisers and other efforts to help them restore some joy to these holidays. we will have more on that part of the story when we join you at 6:00 live, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. a construction supervisor is killed while working in chester county. fifty year-old lee boyar was laying cones in the east bound lanes of route 422, when he was hit by an suv. no charges have been filed against the driver but authorities are now investigating whether the proper safety protocol was follow. police in new castle delaware are investigating the
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theft of some industrial heating and air conditioning condenser units. twelve units were stolen from atop the the river plaza shopping center. this happened sometime bren november 13th and december 2nd. police were called when the owner of the building realized there was no heat. anyone with any information is asked to contact the police. big backups on the new jersey turnpike this morning, because of this mess, a fedex truck lost control and flipped on its side near exit two in woolwich township. the driver of the truck was not injured but crews had to use a crane to get that truck back on all four wheels. another big mess just off route 76 in king of prussia large truck tipped over there carrying 19,000 copies of advanced sections for the sunday new york times. you can see the papers spilled across the grass there. the driver was treated for minor injuries at the scene. officials say the newspapers will be replaced in time for sunday's addition. in weather, the rain is
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gone for now, but we could be in store for some change these weekend, meteorologist kathy orr is live on the sky deck with the first look at the forecast, kathy. >> getting cold out here, chris, temperatures falling in the 30's which is seasonal for this time the of the year but just not ready for it. it seems early. we are looking at cloudy skies that will stick around as well. lets look at storm scan three we have some rain and wintry mix you can see in western parts of the state. there is a winter weather advisory that will go in effect for state college but we will stay in the liquid variety just rain for us and that comes in tomorrow night. first things first, lets look the at cold sitting over us. right now in philadelphia still 41. thirty-eight in allentown and reading. 30 degrees in the poconos with temperatures falling quite quickly during the late night hours. we are looking ahead to the evening that will be mostly cloudy, and chilly by 11:00 o'clock temperature already down to 37 degrees. here's future weather to time out that rain. tomorrow at noon no problems just a mostly cloudy sky.
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by 5:00 o'clock hour into 6:00 o'clock spotty showers ahead on the main batch of rain but that is still west of the poconos, between six and 8:00 or 9:00 the rapist over spreading the evening so if you aring out tomorrow night, pack the umbrella for those late night hours. coming up we will talk about the rain returning, how long it lasts and better weather for the birds. also a tuesday storm that could bring rain, win, and maybe snow for some, more on that coming up with the forecast when i join you inside. >> kathy, thanks. >> workers in south philadelphia and cities across the country went on strike today. dozens marched down broad street to city hall with two main objectives raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour and earning the right to unionized. our cameras caught up with them at 17th and walnut. >> the these families are regular people. they don't get a living wage and they have families to
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support. we have a voice. we are going to sing it and be as loud as we need to be. >> earl will they are morning protesters gathered outside a mcdonald's at broad and allegheny greeting customers during the morning rush. chopper three over another protest in wilmington, delaware there nearly two deliver their message to the many people in the cars driving by. mcdonald's did release a statement to "eyewitness news" that says quote we respect everyone's rights to peacefully protest. we believe that any minimum wage increase should be implemented in time so that impact of owners of small and medium sized businesses like the ones who own and operate hat majority of our restaurants, is manageable. still to come here on "eyewitness news" a house in pennsylvania is there in one minute and gone the next. we will tell what you led to this huge explosion that sent flames 50 feet into the air. a terrifying moment caught on tape when a stroller, runs
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ah speak to customer service, check on a know, all with the ah, tap of my geico app. oh, that's so cool. well, i would disagree with you but, ah, that would make me a liar. no dude, you're on the jumbotron! whoa. ah...yeah, pretty much walked into that one. geico anywhere anytime. just a tap away on the geico app. an 86 year old woman is dead after an explosion and fire destroys her home in scranton. neighbors say flames shot 50 feet in the air and home is floated around 3:45 this morning and took fire fighters several hours to get things under control there utility crews responded to reports of a gas odor about 40 minutes before the explosion, and turned off services in the area prior to the blast.
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dramatic surveillance video from australia watch as this stroller with an 18 month-old girl in it rolls on to some train tracks in melbourne. girl's grandfather jumps down to rescue the girl and his four year-old grandson watches, and then bystanders rush into help. toddler was taken to the hospital for injuries to her face. fortunately no trains were coming. on the healthwatch tonight, this years flu vaccine may not be enough to protect against the strain of the virus that is circulating around the the country. cbs news correspondent omar villafranca has more. >> reporter: enters for disease control and prevention is alerting doctors that a flu virus strain has emerged that doesn't look like the the strain in this years flu vaccine. >> what this may mean is vaccine may work less well a against flu virus these year compared to the average year. >> reporter: the the cdc says about half of the flu samples tested this season are a new h3n2 strain which causes more
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severe disease in very young children and elderly. pregnant woman and people with chronic conditions such as asthma and heart disease are also at higher risk. federal health officials are asking doctors to be vigilant about prescribing anti viral medications like tam flu to patients as soon as they develop symptoms. >> they will make the disease shorter and less likely to be hospitalized or die if you do get hospitalized. >> reporter: health experts say it is still important to get vaccinated since vaccine will provide some protection against the new strain, vaccine also appears to be a good match against other flu viruses circulating. in dal ace, for omar villafranca "eyewitness news". way the flu vaccine is effective its is typically 50 to 70 percent of the time. we're starting things off early, so far, on the cue kill expressway, and city avenue. where you can see slow go, a little bit lighter than normal for this time, headed westbound towards the king of prussia area where you can see
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everything is really starting to move slower. over in new jersey, and accident on 295 southbound at route 73 push over into the shoulder there and another one out in voorhees, new jersey route 561 at evesham road and police activity on the scene trying to get that cleaned up and out of the way. blue route southbound from the schuylkill expressway into 95, slow there for this afternoon, 26 minutes. twenty-six minutes on 202 heading southbound pretty heavy trip there from the schuylkill expressway into route 30. currently no problems on september, new jersey transit or dart. everything running on time there. in delays at philadelphia international airport, chris, back to you. still ahead which do you think is more expensive child care or college? three on your side with some surprising new numbers, beasley. eagles finalizing the game plan for sunday's game with the seattle seahawks, eagles talk about facing the the birds and the sixers finally got a victory can they make it two in a row begins the thunder friday night. the sports coming up.
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it was nice to start off with a sunny day but now the clouds have moved in across delaware valley and we're looking at temperatures in the 40's and some 30's our eyewitness weather watchers are reporting in a variety of weather. let's look at tanya's temperature 44 degrees in philadelphia, wind west at 7 miles an hour so not a lot of wind, this evening. so that will not be a weather issue. budd bender says in collegeville, 40 degrees. partly cloudy and chilly, in the trappe area. then lets go further north and west, we have a pretty picture to show you tonight, right now it is 37 degrees in schwanksville and doug is saying no wind, pressure study and look at this beautiful sky, with these high cirrus clouds. you can see the the contrast
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lines from the plane flying by. just a beautiful evening in that sky but now the clouds have invaded. if would you like to be an eyewitness weather watcher and be our eyes and ears in the field, we would love to you join our team. be featured into one of our newscast. sign up at cbs cold across the area but not as cold as it is, right here, jack frost big boulder, they have been, skiing, this afternoon, and they will continue into the evening, the light are on, trails look great, and the the temperature is decent for making snow at mount pocono right now, 30 degrees, but at the summit colder. in philadelphia 41. trenton is 41 as well. not owe bad at allentown at 38. millville 41. forty-one in wildwood as well. temperatures colder to the west through state college and pittsburgh, 34 degrees. buffalo new york 30. cleveland 32. this cold will be coming our way. storm can three you cane mostly cloudy skies over us, rain throughout western, west virginia, and heading through
5:20 pm
virginia but some snow mix in there we say stay on the warm side. high pressure slides to the east, it will be mostly cloudy for your friday with temperatures in the 40's. then we will watch this warm front lift through. temperatures will be back in the 50's which will be pretty pleasant for saturday but it will be a rainy day this area sweeping through saturday night and good news now it looks like it will be fairly progressive and move out by early sunday morning. that means by the afternoon temperatures will be in the 40's but it will be a little bit on the breezy side. so at kick off at 4:30 at the link temperatures will be in the lower to mid 40's, of course, sun will set soon after the kick off, wind north east at 10 miles an an hour. temperatures falling quickly after. that so bundle up. after that we're going to be watching a potential storm next week. our european computer model is saying there could potentially be a east coast storm this would be set up. monday into tuesday an area of low pressure being pulled inward as high pressure slides off to the north and east and
5:21 pm
we will see rain, wind in philadelphia, maybe even a little wet snow in northeastern pennsylvania and then continues to move up and be a bigger storm for new york and for new england. as far as impact over the dell will wear valley on tuesday it will be heavy rain, snow possibly north and some gusty wind. jury is still out. it is still early. but this is one of our dependable models is indicating. overnight mostly cloudy and on the chilly side, seasonal, 33, during the day tomorrow showers arrive in the evening. high of 47. on the exclusive eyewitness weather three day forecast saturday warmer but it will be rainy, sunday forbidder, we will get improving conditions, sunshine before subset for tailgaters and a temperature of 46 degrees. that is a look the at the the weather for next three days, we will be seeing even more wet weather next week, we will talk more about that next half an hour kate will have the forecast and we will send to it break and beasley will be
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i'm thrilled to say that the sixers are looking for two in a row tomorrow night when oklahoma city thunder come to town. last night they avoided tying history, they needed just one more defeat to tie record of 18 losses in a row to start a season but they pulled out victory in minute so the a michael carter williams the big star, 20 points, nine rebounds and nine assists. eagles working to day getting ready for sunday's game against seattle. chip kelly asked if he enjoys the chest match that will surely take place at the link begins the seahawks top ranked defense. >> i even eye them all. the one thing about this league and great challenge in this league is there not an off week. there is a lot of really good
5:25 pm
defenses out there and everybody is good, that is great thing about this league. maybe that is one of the differences between college and pro you yous you don't after i week where you air 30-point favorite this week. >> the flyers, free fall continues, last night they pick up their ninth consecutive loss on the road, lose nothing a shoot-out to the ducks. flyers are one-eight-two in the last 11 games and wand fur there is a change on the horizon. wayne simmonds added two goals last night and still lost five-four. >> we were watching video of the eagles practice and you know, we see them play fast in the game but to see them practice it is like a cartoon. >> whole other level. >> speeded up video. >> incredible. >> you have seen that in the fourth quarter of their games. the way defenses react to them late in the game. >> yes. >> extraordinary. >> good weekend. >> indeed, thanks much. still to come in the next half an hour hundreds turnout for vaccinations as officialness new jersey township try to prevent a out
5:26 pm
break of hepatitis a we will tell you what they need to know about one confirmed case of restaurant and catering services. plus. what sandy destroyed is still being rebuilt, that story coming up from brigantine. new at 6:00 tonight these adorable little faces left inside a house booby trapped with trip wires and shotguns, well now they are looking for new homes they will have their story tonight
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i'm chris may with the day's top stories for you, temple university students joined other protesters across the country calling for justice in response to grand jury rulings in ferguson, missouri and new york city. both authorities investigate a suspicious fire that tore through police detective's home in lower pottsgrove township. neighbors on common drive are helping officer and their family who lost everything just were the holidays. and, fast food workers staged strikes nationwide including in our area, and they are demanding higher salaries and the right to unionized. kathy? here's the headlines in our weather, we are going to be seeing more rain moving mountain delaware valley. it looks like a rainy sat the day unfortunately. a bit of the soaker. clearing for eagles. that is best news for this
5:30 pm
forecast and watching potential for coastal storm next week. more on that coming up with the seven day forecast. >> all right kathy, thanks. new developments in the hepatitis a scare in mercer county as hundreds tried to avoid becoming sick from exposure in a popular hamilton township restaurant, health officials fear a second person has the virus. here's "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan. >> i'm scared. >> reporter: fear of contracting hepatitis a drove hundreds of people to a vaccination clinic thursday after learning a kitchen worker at rosa's restaurant and catering is severely ill and may have been contaminating customer's food for weeks. >> i had something to eat at rosa december 1st. i'm not taking any chances. >> reporter: hepatitis a is not fatal but highly contagious and vaccine is not available in most doctor's offices. hamilton township's health department bought a thousand doses ape set up a clinic. they have been inundated with calls with anyone eaten at rosa's the last month is a risk.
5:31 pm
>> averaging between 250 to 275 a day at the point we have been in the office until 9:00 at night returning calls. >> reporter: thursday morning health officials got a call from a local will doctor reporting another possible case. a 77 year-old man who says he eats at rosa's three times a week tested positive for hepatitis a and elevated liver enzymes. >> the gentlemen has been forwarded on to the emergency room, and infectious disease doctor, who currently is doing additional blood work to see if he can confirm. >> reporter: vaccine cost $35 doesn't completely eliminate risk of getting sick but it should prevent an hepatitis a out break. >> could not believe it at first but there is nothing you could do about it. >> reporter: health official as a if they run out of shots they will consider buying more vaccine and it ising up a second clinic this isn't a one and done situation for people who got shots they have to get a booster in six months n hamilton township mercer county i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". another american health care worker may be infect with
5:32 pm
ebola. the patient was just flown back to emery university hospital in atlanta. the patient is now being monitored around the clock by doctors, and emery does have a specialize lacing unit where four other ebola patients have been treated. new 59:30 today lots of construction activity during the off season down the shore. the as our carol erickson shows us the rebuilding process from sandy is not yet over. >> reporter: home owner rose henry is learning to love heights, she better, her brigantine front door is now 13 feet higher then it ever was. two years after sandy filled her house with water, the north end residents is still not finish. it is not the only one. >> basically we're waiting for grant money to come through which is the problem, we have not finished our home because of that. >> reporter: money buys air, under houses. here's a photo of a low level brigantine house a day after sandy, here it is today, much higher but still being worked on.
5:33 pm
>> they are waiting, it is all insurance, some say they can get right ahead, state money came out faster to some people then others and that is what happened. >> reporter: almost winter storm construction boom is as a result of homeowners still undecided to tear down like rosie's neighbors or build up, or just put on the market meeting the new flood codes is costly, even without side money when it comes in. >> the state's giving you 30,000 towards it and from there up it can go up to 80, 90. >> i have been waiting for a long time but hopefully in the next couple months. i mean i hope. >> reporter: waiting for money, waiting for construction, waiting to put sandy really in the past. part of the waiting game, at the shore. in brigantine, carol erickson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well to day a federal why sentenced former philadelphia traffic court why thomassin tynes to two years in prison. she was charged with lying to authorities in a wide ranging ticket fixing case.
5:34 pm
tynes must pay a fine of 5,000 you dollars. the judge rejected a defense request for house arrest or probation for the the 71 year-old. it is now been more than a week since missing west chester university student shane montgomery was last seen. friend gathered on campus last night for the first time since his disappearance to hold a candle light vigil. the 21 year-old vanish after leaving a bar early on thanksgiving morning. reward for information about his disappearance now stands at $40,000. anyone with any information is asked to call philadelphia police. police arrested a man in connection with the fatal stabbing of an american schoolteacher at a high end mall in abu done i. police say this is the assailant who killed 47 year-old ebola ryan on monday. would the man arrested is a 30 year-old united arab emirates national. after the the attack in the mall bathroom police say the suspect planted a hand made bomb in front of the muslim american doctor's home. more and more victims of
5:35 pm
sexual assault in the military are coming forward according to a new pentagon report released to day. military is trying to implement reforms to preempt further congressional action that could strip commanders of the authorities to oversee sexual assault prosecutions. cbs news correspondent mark albert has more. >> reporter: pentagon says there were more cases of sexual assault reported this past year then the year before, and that is the good news. >> two years ago we estimated about one in ten sexual assaults were being reported. today, it is one in four. >> reporter: nearly 6,000 cases were reported this year, that is a jump have of 8 percent. >> because more survivors participated in the just advertise system then ever before, we have been able to hold more perpetrators accountable. >> reporter: but 62 percent of those who reported sexual assaults also reported a experience of retaliation. janey was sexually assaulted in the navy and said retaliation was a problem then and still a problem today. >> the costs are too high
5:36 pm
coming forward. >> reporter: because service members feel as though they can ruin their career. >> they could and in many cases will ruin their career. >> reporter: senator kristin hillbrant says thinks unacceptable and continues to push legislation that will take decision of whether to prosecute sexual assault cases out of the hands of military commanders. >> they are trying to cover it up, they are trying to shove it under the rug and they are not seeking justice and not protecting men and woman that are raped. to have retaliation to be unchange, untouched is an egregious failure. >> reporter: the penitentiary wants the ability to prosecute to stay within the chain of command. in washington, mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the much anticipated launch of nasa's next big mission to space will to have wait a little while. the or ryan space capsules was set to lift off from cape canaveral but they had to scrub the launch because of gusty winds and minor technical glitches. they plan to try again tomorrow morning, weather permitting.
5:37 pm
>> the team was absolutely on their game listening to everything that the rocket was telling us and ultimately told us it wasn't ready to go today. >> this is a test flight, and only a first step for nasa, they hope the orion cans you'll will on day take astronauts to mars and back. that string of lights out on i-95 around allegheny, you can see southbound lanes here where headlights are pretty much jammed from betsy up lead nothing to center city and north bound lanes towards northeast philadelphia, pretty much jammed from the vine street expressway heading up towards cottman. over on 202, pretty typical afternoon jam here around 29 where southbound lanes headed up to 401. you can see brake lights and stop and go there. over out into new jersey on 295 southbound a crash taking out the right-hand lane at route 73, and another accident turned into a car fire route 70 just outside medford at red lion road.
5:38 pm
otherwise blue route southbound from the schuylkill expressway into 95 still slow there a 29 minute trip and schuylkill expressway not too good heading eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway and that will take you 29 minutes there as well. in problems for mass transit as september, new jersey transit and dart are running on time with no delays and in delays at philadelphia international airport, jessica and chris, back over to you. still to come child care costing more than a college education. >> we will take a look and then this may have you doing a double take. find out where gas is now actually below $2 a gallon. christmastime can still be magical in the hospital, see how these high flies elfs are bringing smiles to the faces of very special patients, kathy. in weather we're talking about rain returning but it will be warmer for at least part of the weekend an update on the weather for birds, coming up, dry for new but in the for licensing a
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for the first time, in less than two bucks a gallon at the pump. prices are falling across the country, in fact, gas buddy, shows that one station in oklahoma city is down to
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$1.99. that is still far below national average but experts do expect the trend to continue across the country. it is no secret child carries expensive but did you know it can cost more than college. child care a aware a group that provides resources to parents and caregivers crunch these numbers and their latest report found cost of child care in the u.s. can be as high as $14,508 a year for an interest pant or $12,280 annually for a four year-old. how much you pay depend on where you live. it turns out parents in massachusetts spend the most. parents in louisiana a the the least. well, time to check your philadelphia job market report. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is here with more. >> reporter: gone are days when finding a job meant pounding a pavement. today job seekers pound their keyboards surfing web sites and asked to design the pinpoint the perfect gig. indeed career builder and allow you to focus your geographic search to find
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your dream job in the philadelphia area. aside from providing a database of job listings, many of them also post your resume making it visible to employers. career experts say, companies are now increasingly using their own workers to find new hires. preferred candidates are twice as likely to land a interview, 40 percent chance of being hired and are 15 percent less likely to quit, then other applicants. that is according to the federal reserve bank of insuring. that means that your on line job search has to start with identifying major employers in the philadelphia area like comcast or lockheed martin and then try to network with employees in person or through social media. one thing is clear, digital age has in the yet replaced the human touch, i'm jill schlesinger for cbs-3 "e
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oh no... geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. take a look at this, window washing elfs surprised patient force du pont hospital in children in wilmington today. chopper three over the keen as they climb the slime left by
5:47 pm
the mean grinch on the outside of the five story atrium. santa himself supervised the l ifs from the rooftop none the the less. they brought smiles to the faces of the kids and their family there. that is unique. >> isn't that fun. >> i love that. the outfit sobriety. >> i love that. >> in gist awe minute we will have a look at your elf on the shelf pictures so stay tuned for them. we have love elfs. >> they love them on the shelf and they fly around the house. >> where ever they are. >> yes, we are looking at, the not great elf weather good football weather for eagles. we will talk about that. it will get milder over the week end but it will get wet around here but we're not talking about snow in the forecast, at least not right now. take a look outside where it is a very pretty nice but a cold night sky. mostly cloudy. this is view you from campbell's field cam in camden looking across the dell will wear, beautiful ben franklin bridge as well. temperatures are going to be falling through the 40's, into the 30's overnight tonight. our live neighborhood network,
5:48 pm
takes us, to berks county and kutztown and you can see at middle school, very decent day with some clouds, and some bright skies, earlier in the day but temperatures will stick in the 30's. that is just about it, 35 degrees right now with the wind out of the north a at 3 miles an hour. we are in the dealing will with any wind just cold and clouds. forty-one in philadelphia, 41 in trenton, 42 in wilmington. thirty-eight in reading and allentown. 37 degrees in lancaster. to the west we will have cold air moving in during the overnight period. another seasonally cold night. we will watch high pressure slide off through new england and allowing our next weather maker to be moving in. we will have a warm front. clouds will stick for friday, temperatures in the 40's, warm front will bring rain to our forecast for friday night but especially at day. temperatures warming in the 50's but price that we pay is the rain, this area have low pressure bringing a good dose of it during the day on saturday. linkers in to early sunday
5:49 pm
morning. as far as rain accumulation, about a half inch to an inch, ponding on area roads depending on where we are at the time we see these downpours, it will be scatter, temperatures in the mid 50's, southerly wind blowing at 10 miles an hour. it will be good to be indoors as opposed to be hopping outdoors. for eagles looking better, lingering morning shower but by the time kick off happens temperatures will be in the 40's, nor'easterly wind expect and sun will be setting. it will be cold pretty fast during a good portion of the game. bun will up. next week, watching, potential for a deeeloping coastal low, that could bring rain and wind, tuesday, and we have a blocking high pressure system that could bring snow to northeastern pennsylvania, probably our suburbs depending on this development, still questionable if this is going to develop. if you have any plans early next week. overnight mostly cloudy chilly low temperature of 33 degrees. during date tomorrow 47. little below average. it will be a dry day. showers arrive during the
5:50 pm
evening. if you have any plans make sure you pack umbrella. it is tomorrow night you'll be caught in the rain. on the exclusive eyewitness weather seven day forecast sunday looking better, chilly monday and tuesday, but, still have that rain chance, and wednesday, 44, and then sunny, thursday the high of 47 degrees, keeping an eye on that tuesday. that is the very latest from the eyewitness weather center. one of the best parts of the families is the return of the elf on the shelf and many of you have been end ising us your elf photos using hash tag cbs-3. for instance denise woke up to find her elf coal playing cards with olaf from frozen and another friend, thanks, denise. gina says that this is her elf randall and randall was perched in her christmas tree always a good place to find an elf. jane sent in this picture of her elf buddy and his girlfriend princess peach from the mario cart another is and then finally our friend carol branson aid her elf was trying to steel her christmas candy,
5:51 pm
yes, these elfs tend to be pretty sneaky. well, is what your elf up to, post your elf selfie to twitter, facebook or instagram, just use the hash tag cbs-3 and hash tag elf selfie and we may show it right here on tv. millions of americans are having difficulty paying off their federal student loans. some seniors are finding out what can happen if they default on those loans. the government is using social security to get that money back. cbs news correspondent julie watts explains. >> reporter: when it comes to paying off student loans most college students are hoping for the about pest case scenario but eileen joyce might be dealing with the worst. >> i filled out paper work for hardship. >> reporter: decades ago she took out a federal student loan to attend graduate school but could not pay it back because of a disability. >> i had no money foreign survival. >> owe government recently started taking it back deducting a hundred dollars a month from her social security
5:52 pm
check. >> i thought i had a protect income. >> reporter: unlike other forms of debt federal student loans and forgiven even after bankruptcy; the east bank community law center says it is a scenario more and more seniors are facing. >> debt can be collect on forever. >> reporter: in the past year over 140,000 delinquent student loan borrowers have a had their social security garnish, triple the number a triple will ago. >> the government doesn't to have sue you to come after your assets, they can just swoop in and kind of tart garnishing wages or social security benefits. >> reporter: the federal government is required to send three delinquency notices before garnishing social security and eileen was eventually able to get her federal loan discharge due to a disability. for cb. news, julie watts, san francisco. still ahead on "eyewitness news" trees for troops. >> we will tell you all about a local effort to deliver holiday cheer to military families. next.
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
now that holiday lights are starting to go up, we want to see photos of your display, share them with us use the hash tag cbs-3 holiday lights, and she us on cbs, we might even come to your home. >> montgomery county christmas tree farm is gearing up to sell thousands of trees this holiday. >> they are planning to give a away a few to those who need christmas cheer. reporter cherry greg from our sister station kyw news radio has details from lansdale. >> reporter: when you drive up to buster's christmas tree is there can i canes, blow up snow man and holiday feeling. >> it gets you in the mood, definitely dot.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: wreathing, reindeer and hundreds and hundreds of trees, both big and small. we have all the furs. >> reporter: yah buster and his, family farm for 85 years. they chop them down shake them and bail them for customers with higher even taste. >> i like it with the long needles, yeah, something for ornament. >> reporter: buster's sells thousands of trees around this time of the year and they give away quite a few, too. through their trees, for troops initiative. >> we personally donate trees, and then people can come if they want and they can but a tree at a discounted price. >> reporter: this weekend they will be packing up 200 trees to go to i base in georgia. >> they will be distributed to family members, usually of someone who is deployed. it is a real nice feeling, that you know we can help out a solder's family when it is a tough time for them. >> reporter: this lansdale, kyw news radio for kyw-3 "eyewitness news".
5:58 pm
>> tis the season no doubt. that is "eyewitness news" 59:00. >> another day and another run of protest students stage a die in on temple's campus, another demonstration is planned minutes from right now. more fall out over accusations of sexual assault against bill cosby, we will tell you what the navy is taking away from the comedian. kathy? after the cold, the rain returns, and little bit of the warm up, we will talk about that coming up with the seven day forecast. and who wants to see the adorable dogs inside the building booby trapped with trip wires and shotguns, puppies are nursed back to health and they need necessity homes, we their story on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 which starts right now. calls for justice in. local. across the nation. so far these demonstrations have, remain peaceful, good evening i'm jessica dean.
5:59 pm
>> i'm chris may. >> people are really upset over these grand jury decisions. they held up signs and pretended they were dead. temple students say that they did, and will do, whatever it takes, to make changes in the american justice system. >> i think it is very important, to help realize, that it matters. >> we spotted about 200 students walking up and down campus streets, many yell, as loud as they probably could, hoping that people would pay attention. >> people will not be quiet anymore. people need to treat it like a different era. >> michael air monies a temple student and said grand jury a's decision out of ferguson
6:00 pm
and new york are just a few of a long list. >> it is angry, sad, and it is a a lot of things in one. >> temple protest followed hundreds in center city who interrupted the traditional tree lighting otter night to tell their story. >> just to show thaw support our decision toss stand up and make a change. >> reporter: a change these students agree is long overdue, and until they see that change, we can expect to see, them out here again. >> this will in the even and i promise you that won't even here today. >> reporter: i poke to temple university police and they said no arrests and serious, interesting. we saw police officers show up in a last few minutes. we are live, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> from north philadelphia to the main line a few students at villanova join in on the cause today. they set up shop in front of the dougherty hall for several hours this after afternoon holding signs, and speaking to


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